You never know where inpiration hides!

...and how it can hit you so suddenly...

The other day I spotted these 'flowers on the green hay'. 
Examining the shirt more closely... I got even more surprised...

In the days gone by, Finnish textile industry was thriving. Now it has almost disappeared.That's why coming across with this piece wasn't self-evident.
My size always was 36... Even though I'm not from Lahti, I certainly am from Finland and my name IS Tiina. The sizes have changed since the 1970s, and could't fit in this cute shirt. What a pity. So, I had to figure out something else.

The small size didn't stop me from buying this garment from its hiding place, the flea market, and when looking at the flowers, the color, the shape...I got a heureka. I remembered the glass flowers I had in my drawer. Just as if they had been sitting there, waiting for this blouse to appear.

Sometimes, the busy material needs a calm contrast. With this shirt I couldn't resist making the flowers of the blouse three-dimensional and mixing the colors even more. 

 Now I think the blouse and the necklace are inseparable! One can't be without the other!

They will be friends forever!

 Just look at them. Could you separate these two?

I sure can pose them beautifully and display them but now that you have seen them with the blouse: 'Don't they look barren and alone?' Sweet and juicy as candy, but still...Just a necklace without 
a story...


Sky is my inspiration

I look up in the sky and I will never be bored.


The colors and shapes vary every moment.

The blinding sun makes me see everything in dark shades. The moving figures make my imagination race.

Suddenly the migrating white birds appear in the sky.


The birds have spread their wings and glide free in the wind, just like my imagination. They start looking for the best place to settle down and nest, just like my jewelry - finding the best person to carry each piece.

 This piece was inspired by the gentle birds and the tiny sweet water pearls, as clouds and gleaming, faceted glass in shades of water and sky.

Where will this flight of birds nest? Tell me!