Sound of Summer on my Sister's neck

Who says that jewelry should only give a visual experience? Creating this necklace as a present for my twin sister was also an auditive process. 
Thinking of my gorgeously tall, dark haired sister, my fingers kept fondling the shapes of these beautifully shimmering pieces of natural sea shell. I wanted them to stay in close contact with each other, while still moving apart on their own, just as me and my sis. I aimed at making this a statement piece proudly saying: "Look at me and my graceful posture!
The small, transparent seed beads give an easily and loosely moving and almost invisible thread for the pieces while ressembling water drops at the same time. 
The nice rustling sound the necklace makes on her neck reminds her of me and summer and her love for water and underwater world.

What would be your favorite sound on your neck?

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  1. Thank you my lovely twinsister,
    beautiful words and beatiful necklace <3


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