The apple of my eye

To say to your dearest: ”You are the apple of my eye”, is sweet. But to make your words and feelings visible every day is an another story. Words, thoughts and goals are easily forgotten in the rush of the everyday bustle, but when you give your words and promises a concrete form, readily seen and touched as a symbol, they aren’t so easily forgotten. One simple glance at this symbol brings a whole story to your consciousness filling you with the words pronounced earlier.

The ideology of Lady Renaissance is based on the belief that all our life is full of stories to be told and shared with other people. This jewelry enables you to tell the stories you want to tell and the messages you want o convey to your dearest ones, or to yourself and people around you. The value of jewelry for me it isn’t always a question of precious stones, the weight of precious metals or representation of widely recognized brands. If we want to be individual and unique, why would we like to express these qualities in ourselves with bulk products then? Do we want to be considered one of the kind in the same way as others?

With jewelry you can challenge the viewers’ imagination and mind. The message doesn’t have to be obvious. Would you read a book, the cover of which would make the contents predictable? Wouldn’t you like to think for yourself and find out the underlying message? Wouldn’t you like to have several different interpretations?
I have an interpretation for this necklace but I’d like to hear yours.
Is there someone you know that this piece would fit perfectly?

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