Remember - Friendship is like soap bubbles

Once upon a time there was a green field swarming with butterflies. Nearby there lived a little blond girl in a tiny, cozy cottage. The girl’s favorite pastime was blowing soap bubbles in her yard. 

Following these bubbles was also a passion for a Pink Lady butterfly. She had developed following and playing with the bubbles into a kind of art since, while doing that, she was able to forget how alone she was. 

The pink butterfly was not taken into the swarm+ of others since she had a peculiar color, different for the ones living in the green field. Others had a camouflage color and were scared that the pink color would attract the ever bullying magpie after them.

The charm of the soap bubbles was in the way they formed in different sizes and colors, their lightness and ease with which they sailed across the field. It was absolutely intoxicating. But then, in less than a twinkling of an eye the prism of colors and shiny surfaces disappeared, leaving behind only the memory of the past moment.

The Pink Lady had chased hundreds of balls, trying to catch them with the fragile wings, but time after time the balls popped into thousands of droplets and disappeared in air. Even so, she noticed that sometimes the balls were left whole, even on exceedingly sharp surfaces, and then it was possible to examine the beauty of this bubble for a moment before it disappeared. 

Because of this, the butterfly was thinking that there must be a way to gently catch a ball and why not, even collect the balls together and make a chain with them. So she decided to focus all of her energy on finding the way to do it and while doing that, she found her life to have yet one purpose. She didn’t mind being alone anymore because she was so busy. 

Having studied the art of catching the soap bubbles for the whole summer she finally was able to catch them with ease. She managed to make long chains with the bubbles and fly with them. First she had been on top of the world doing it but day by day it didn’t feel so special anymore. She didn’t have anyone to share her joy with.  How much more fun it would have been if only she could have raced the bubbles with friends!

She decided that she had to do something to overcome the loneliness and so one day she flew to the other butterflies and told them how much fun they could have together. First they weren’t anxious to try catching the bubbles because their leader said that it was impossible. After a long persuation the butterflies promised that the next time the girl would be blowing the bubbles they would give it a try. While waiting for the day to come the Pink Lady told them all she had learned about catching and chaining the bubbles. 

When the time came to put all this information into practice, the butterflies forgot all about the vicious magpie, the impossibility of catching the bubbles and even the fear of losing precious time from feeding themselves. 

Day by day they got almost as good as their new friend the Pink Lady and finally they were able to put the bubbles together and fly the chain that had a silvery glow in it. They played together whenever the bubbles were flying, no matter if the sun was coloring the sky red just before dropping close to the horizon. 

At this magic moment the chain became heavy turning into silver and agate… and the butterflies decided to fly it around a special girl’s neck to remind everyone that saw it of the power of friendship and how fragile friendship is, just like the soap bubbles, unless it is cherished together.


  1. Thank you for the story...
    I was looking for something like this for my pic in FB...

    I have taken the liberty to quote your blog in that pic...

    Let me know if this is OK with you !
    Cheers !

  2. I was so glad to get your message. What an honor to be quoteded so of course I don't mind. I'm happy that my story touched you in a far away country. My best greetings!


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