Want or Need Jewelry?

You can argue whether we need jewelry at all. You are even told that only vein people like to decorate themselves. It is, of course, true that you cannot eat your jewelry and housing bills always come first when deciding about spending your money. 

But when the basic needs are fulfilled, how do we decide what is the extra we want?

In a traditional way of thinking we only need jewelry as an accessory to a special occasion or as a symbol of a life's highlight moment. For some it is total waste of money.

Indeed, some of my customers used to say that they never wore any jewelry before wearing Lady R or they never thought they might NEED jewelry, and even more,  in a totally new way 
- as a means of self-expression
- supporting mental well-being.
- fulfilling their need for beauty
- feeling special

The human need for beauty around us is very deep rooted in our minds. For one it is a calm and familiar landscape, a painting, a music piece, for another it is dressing up in a personal way and enjoying beautiful and unique things. I remember my daughter who can't walk, buying an absolutely beautiful pair of high-heel shoes and displaying them on a shelf and enjoying the sight of them every single day. 
One of my customers also bought a piece of jewelry to put it on the living-room table, to remind her of positive and beautiful things in life.

Whose rule it is you always have to wear things in their original way?

When my sister wants bling, she also needs bling! Luckily she has this close connection to a person who can realize even her wildest needs. :) 
She first WANTED the crystal bracelet but soon after it was around her wrist, she NEEDED a pair of ear rings and a neckace to make the set complete.

So, then it is, when sister wants bling, she gets bling!
The same set looks totally different at day or night or when worn with different colors.
Without this bling my sister wouldn't be the person she now is.

When you can design the piece of jewelry together with the one who will realize it for you, the piece will definitely have a deeper meaning to you than when buying a trendy bulk product.
This way you can ask the jewelry maker to weave in your own personality and a specific story you want to tell. 

This is what Lady Renaissance is all about !

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