A ray of sun – finally!

...and the sun invites all the colors into life again.

Almost through a long, long winter time with only a few hours of sun during the day. Not only the darkness of this weary time for the sun, not rising much above the horizon but also the surprising lack of the whiteness of the snow made this winter a real hibernation for the whole body and mind.
If not having lived up in the north, it is maybe impossible to even imagine what the first truly sunny days of spring mean, what strength it gives to the soul. 

For me there has always been a deep-rising need for light and the color yellow at the end of this time of the year. However, I noticed that for some reason this color that we so desperately need is so little used in our clothes or accessories around me. We admire it if one dares to wear it but at the same time silently think that I never could or would. 

 Imagine how this would liven up your LBD?

I used to be one of those silent admirers until I finally bought my first bright yellow winter scarf because of someone suggesting it to me. To my astonishment, being a blond, the color fit me perfectly and even more, made me feel really warm and shine from the inside. I always thought that it would only look good on darker people. Ever since I’ve loved colors. They have become the outside reflection of my inner, bursting personality. Colors have more meaning to us in our everyday life than we dare to believe.

Why wouldn’t you try a color you so deeply feel for and be surprised what it can do to you!
See, what it did to me!

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